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Two friends - one idea

The idea behind it

Long-time friends Ali Ghawami and Marcus Walz had had the idea of combining their two areas of expertise for years: gastronomy in a motorsport atmosphere.

In 2013 they put their plans into action. A cafe with an attached hotel became available directly on Schwetzingen Castle Square.

The old cafe was converted into the "Walzwerk Cafe". With a design that fascinates every visitor and makes every biker's heart beat faster. Here not only photos and motorsport paraphernalia hang on the walls, but also tires and motorbikes, among other things.

Marcus Walz is an absolute perfectionist and you can see that in every detail of the equipment in the Walzwerk Cafe: from the helmets at the bar, which have been converted into lamps, to the specially designed bicycles that serve as room dividers.

Ali Ghawami, the passionate restaurateur and his staff ensure that everything runs smoothly.

As a contrast to the Walzwerk Cafe, the style of the "Hotel zum Erbprinzen" has been retained and with the Cafe offers an exciting mix of venerable and modern.

The hotel guests particularly like this combination: Spend the night in style with a view of the baroque castle and then have breakfast under motorbikes or relax on the terrace in summer ...


maRcus walZ

The passionate motorcycle racer has been building motorcycles professionally and full-time for over 30 years. His experience and knowledge in the international motorcycle and custom bike industry are beyond comparison.

At the beginning of the 90s he was one of the pioneers of the so-called "German Style" abroad, created countless trends and even launched a new type of motorcycle in 1999 with the invention of the "Drag Style". In 2006, he won the legendary "Bike Build-Off" TV show in the USA as the first non-American participant. Formula 1 drivers and rock stars are among his customers as well as many well-known Hollywood actors.

For many years, Marcus has mainly focused on cafe racers, scramblers, roadsters, bobbers and concept bikes when building his motorcycles. Often copied but never equaled, he is one of the most famous bike builders and motorcycle designers of our time.

Centrally located

Under one roof

America meets Europe!

There are American classics and German cuisine. Just as international as the workforce in the WALZWERK Cafe, the chef offers varied dishes from the USA to our neighboring countries.

Have fun, meet friends

... an extended breakfast, a relaxed afternoon on the terrace with coffee and waffles, a cocktail in the evening. A cozy get-together with friends, to watch football, to enjoy live music, to a bachelor party, for small company meals, to chill out on our terrace ...

Just enjoy and have fun!

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